A 360 degree plan for your business

Immersive photography can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Why do I need 360 degree photography?

If you’re in the business where you want people to come to you, 360 degree photography can help you throw open the doors. You can showcase your business to a high spec online, allowing customers to make an informed decision from a distance. A better quality of interaction, filtering in the right customers from the start.

Increase bookings

Using 360 degree photos on Facebook can help your posts stand out in your clients’ cluttered feeds, increasing the levels of engagement with your posts.

Immersive 360 degree photographic tours give customers a taste of the experience they are curious about, and help with that decision to book. By knowing more about what to expect, they can feel more emotionally engaged with the place and confident in going ahead with the reservation.

Let the theatregoer choose his seat. The sports fan experiences the stand and find the best spot. Let the whisky tourist plan their trip to the distillery, knowing what to look out for when they gets there.

Make it easier for customers to find you

Let’s talk about front doors. Yours is on Google Maps right now, in Street View. Or at least that’s where the Google car thinks your front door is. Did they pick a good day to show it off when they took that photo? Or is there a van in front of your sign and a person walking across the shot?

There’s no telling when the Google car might be back to retake the photo, and until then, all new prospective visitors to your premises are going to see that image when they look you up. Their first impression of you.

We can take the 360 degree photo on your terms and upload it to your Google Maps profile, giving you control over your first impression. You will stand out if you have 360 degree panoramic images while other businesses nearby only have static, two-dimensional photos.

Increase sales

Within your immersive 360 degree tours, you can showcase your product, adding information and links to e-commerce pages, allowing customers to follow a smooth journey through to buy your product.

Reach a wider audience with a richer interaction

By introducing immersive 360 degree photographic tours, suddenly you’re opening up a virtual world for your customers that they couldn’t access before.

Maybe they want to take a look round, but it’s too late at night and you’re closed. Or your in-person tours are fully booked for the next month.

Or perhaps they live on the other side of the country so getting to you would mean extensive planning of a trip, which they’re not sure would be worth the bother. Or they live half-way round the world.

Mobility might be an issue and they want to see the stairs before they commit.

24/7, all year round, your clients can have so many more questions answered in the way they need them, with a mini experience of the real thing, making them more comfortable with their decision to travel to you. And when they arrive in person, their questions can be so much more specific.

That’s what we mean by throwing open the doors: you can be open 24/7/365 worldwide, in a new and more intensely experienced way than just ‘being’ on the internet.

Avoid wasted appointments

Take a step back from the process and first make sure people asking for a viewing in person are actually interested. A richer online viewing experience means fewer unsuitable candidates making appointments, saving your valuable time for the clients who are genuinely interested.

Create a new revenue stream through live virtual events

You can run virtual tours, send out ‘scratch and sniff’ cards, sample packs of your product, and run live events using the immersive 360 degree photographic tours. Instead of pre-recorded audio, you can hold the mic and answer questions from anywhere on the globe.

The next pandemic, or storm, or financial crisis? You’re covered.

And you might want to run these events regularly anyway, if you have an active, growing market far from home.

Add that personal touch

Using 360 degree video greet your customers online as you would if they came through your front door. 

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